BIO O2 PROTECT (Respirator)

BIO O2 PROTECT is the first truly biological protective oxygen mask.

This straightforward, dual purpose device will change the way we manage virus protection by providing:

      • oxygen to patients
      • staff protection

Currently, nearly all COVID-19 infected patients are put on oxygen once they’ve been admitted to the hospital for treatment. In many cases, patients are fed oxygen through a nasal cannula or a simple oxygen mask. Because COVID-19 is a respiratory illness, these patients are simply exhaling the virus with virtually every breath, contaminating the room and any staff that enters that room to treat the patient.

BIO O2 PROTECT delivers supplemental oxygen to patients in respiratory distress and provides the biological filtration needed to keep the vast majority of infectious material from escaping.

The expeditious development of this mask is driven by COVID-19; however, this device will be applicable to patients with any respiratory disease.

BIO O2 PROTECT can provide superior oxygen delivery plus the critical protection our valued healthcare providers need.

Projected commercial release date for BIO O2 PROTECT  is Fall 2020.

BIO O2 PROTECT (rear illustration)

BIO O2 PROTECT - Back Illustration 060220

For advance orders or additional information on BIO O2 PROTECT, please contact:

Dave Sash, National Sales Director
p: 630-232-8002 x 4

Don Smith, Director of Corporate, Government, and Military Affairs
p: 630-232-8002 x 2

For licensing, distribution, or other business relationships regarding BIO O2 PROTECT, contact:
Chris Salvino, MD, FACS, President, Sharp Medical Products, LLC