Dr. Chris Salvino - Havasu Regional Medical Center

A surgeon's testimonial about using the Reactor device.

Cadaver Lab 2

In this cadaver lab video after insertion notice the operator stopped firing the Reactor and then moved the device from perpendicular to the ribs to almost flat against the chest wall to allow the tip to be directed towards the apex.

The Reactor - A Revolutionary Way to Insert Chest Tubes

Placement of a chest tube into the thoracic cavity has been around for more than 100 years with virtually no change in technique! Imagine driving a Model T car today down the highway -- would it be as safe, fast, effective and reliable as a modern car at 65 MPH? The ReactorTM offers medical professionals a revolutionary way to insert chest tubes into the thoracic cavity.

The Reactor Educational Video

The Reactor is a revolutionary device designed to facilitate the placement of chest tubes up to a 36 Fr. This video tape goes over some of the unique features of the Reactor for the reactor including cautions, advantages, insertion comments and ordering.