Product Development

In addition to developing our own internally generated ideas into medical products, Sharp Medical Products, LLC does entertain developing ideas for devices from medical providers. Sharp Medical Products, LLC understands that for the vast majority of medical professionals developing a medical product from idea to commercial production is near herculean in nature and extremely costly. However, we may be able to help!

If you are a medical professional with an idea for a medical product that you would like to discuss with us please contact us at Please do not provide us with any information on your idea; to protect you and Sharp Medical Products, LLC a Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed prior to any discussion. Please ONLY submit your name, background (for example, trauma surgeon), e-mail and phone number and a member of our team will contact you.

Product Development

Sharp Medical Products, LLC (SMP) has a main goal of designing, developing and producing high quality practical medical devices for usage throughout the world. Once developed, Sharp is positioned to either (1) manufacturer and commercialize the product or to (2) license the technology to another medical device entity. SMP’s portfolio of products in various stages, from commercialization/sales to development, are listed here.

N-G Tube
Oxygen delivery system
Safe Chest Tube
Ventilator Regulation
E-T Tube

Product Development FAQs

How can my idea be protected?

Sharp Medical Products, LLC and yourself would sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to discussing the idea in detail.

If I discuss my idea in public is it protected if I don’t have a patent?

We are not patent attorneys, but from what we know any disclosure of an idea in public runs the risk of someone else patenting the idea. Possibly the most famous case of this issue was with Dr Frederic Foley who first described a selfretaining balloon bladder drainage catheter in 1929, then demonstrated this to the American Urologists Society in 1935 and published a paper on it in 1937. Foley applied for a patent in October 1936 but a patent for the same idea was issued to Paul Raiche of the Davol Rubber Company. Despite a court battle the patent stayed with Raiche. Sharp Medical Products, LLC works with medical patent attorneys early in the process to help minimize others patenting the same idea.

Is it easy to get an idea made into a commercial product in the medical device arena?

It is very difficult, costly and there is no guarantee an idea can make it to market; especially on your own. No one is an expert in this murky world of idea to commercialization but Sharp Medical Products, LLC has proven it can bring disruptive game changing ideas to the commercial market.

How would I be paid from Sharp Medical Products, LLC if you like my idea?

Each project is different, but it could be a royalty stream, flat buy out or some other equitable method.

I don’t know anything about patents, prototypes or manufacturing; do I have to participate if Sharp Medical Products, LLC acquires the rights to my idea?

The role of Sharp Medical Products, LLC is to take great ideas from the “idea” stage and commercialize it. We may call on you for advice from time to time or to check on the product before it is ready for market, but we do not expect you to play a role in development normally.

I am not an engineer, how can I come up with an idea?

We get this question all the time. We suggest just thinking of medical devices/procedures that you see frequently and first try to think of what may be wrong with them. The next step you may or may not know and is optional and that may be a general way to fix it. For example, a physician on our team wondered why regular oxygen face masks are so inefficient and can only deliver ~40-60% oxygen. Step 1 was to identify that there was a problem (which is an opportunity). Step 2 was that he had a general idea on how to possibly solve it but didn’t know it to any great detail. Once we worked with our professional engineers we came up with 9 critical enhancements that increased the level of oxygen delivered to the patient.

What ideas of products is Sharp Medical Products, LLC interested in?

This is a question we also get frequently. We recognize that there are many great ideas but no one company can do it all. Sharp Medical Products, LLC (SMP) focuses usually on usually (and there are exceptions) the following 4 features of a new idea:

• It needs to be disruptive – something that is a game changer, a great improvement or unique

• It needs to be disposable or have a disposable component to it

• It needs to have the ability to be sold in high volume

• It needs to be a product that will be purchased

If you are unclear whether your idea meets these 4 standards, we can help you figure this out especially the last standard regarding the “sell” ability of the product in today’s health care environment. As an example, we identified that the open technique for medium/large bore chest tube insertion was painful and difficult and had not changed virtually since the 1860s. The ReactorTM was developed and met the 4 standards above – it is disruptive as it is minimally invasive compared to the open, it is disposable, it can be sold in high volume and is a product that medical providers want for their institutions.