Innovative Products

Sharp Medical Products, LLC (SMP) is geared toward designing, developing and producing high quality, practical medical devices for use throughout the world. Once products are developed, Sharp is positioned to either (1) manufacture and commercialize the product or, (2) license the technology to another medical device entity. SMP’s portfolio of products in various stages, from commercialization/sales to development, are listed here.

• Reactor® (Reactor® p/n 100-36-01 has been discontinued effective 04 Feb 2020)
BIO O2 PROTECT (Respirator)
N-G Tube
Oxygen delivery system
Safe Chest Tube
Ventilator Regulation
E-T Tube

Sharp Medical Products, LLC (SMP) has also developed a cost-effective, practical chest tube placement training device, the T3 (Tube Thoracostomy Trainer).