Simple oxygen face masks were patented in the 1950s and there has been relatively little improvement in oxygen delivery; the typical mask delivers ~40-50% oxygen even when run at 15 L of oxygen per minute. Sharp Medical Products, LLC (SMP) has redesigned the face mask from virtually the ground up to create our mask called “O2MAX®”. 3 Research studies have bene performed to date on “O2MAX®”. O2MAX® has 9 critical enhancements resulting in oxygen delivery of up to 64% more than market leading masks! This game changing technology has been developed in such a way that “O2MAX®” will not cost more than other masks to manufacture.

SMP has applied for 2 patents, build commercial grade articles and is presently in discussions with international companies for the purchase or license of this technology.

“O2MAX®” potentially could replace the estimated 1.2 billion face masks presently being used annually throughout the world.