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Packaging Information

  • The ReactorTM is sold in a master case which consists of four shelf boxes; each box with 6 individually packaged sterile ReactorTM devices.
  • One ReactorTM is designed for one insertion for each patient, and is not intended to be used for more than one insertion per patient, re-sterilized and/or reused.

Hospital Help

Sharp Medical Products, LLC is aware of the challenges of introducing new products within a hospital product registry. The following material was specifically compiled to help facilitate discussions that hospital product board review committees may conduct prior to approving the ReactorTM for purchase.

Hospital Product Review Committee Help

To facilitate discussions with hospital product review committees, we have created the ReactorTM Hospital Bulletin.


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Product Description

  • Catalog #100-36-01 Civilian (sterile)
  • Catalog #100-36-02 Military (sterile)
  • Catalog #100-36-03-T Military (non-sterile)
  • Contents: 6 Sterile (except #100-36-03-T which is not sterile) individually packaged ReactorsTM in a single shelf box with instructions for use.

Liability Insurance

Sharp Medical Products, LLC has current liability insurance. Contact customerservice@sharpmedicalproducts.com or phone at (630) 232-8002 for more information.