Please note as of 31 January 2021, Reactor Generation 1 is no longer in production.

Has there been any research on the ReactorTM?

Yes, please visit our research section.

What is the ReactorTM?

The ReactorTM is a hand held single use disposable device that offers medical professionals a unique way to insert chest tubes into the thoracic cavity.

Can the ReactorTM be used to cut skin or should a traditional scalpel be used?

Even though the ReactorTM blade is sharp enough to cut skin we do not recommend that you use the product at this time to do so.

Can the ReactorTM be used in patients with prior chest surgery (such as a thoracotomy)?

The ReactorTM should not be used on patients with prior chest surgery, or anyone in which scar tissue is anticipated, which may “scar/adhere” the lung against the chest cavity.

If I am having problems inserting the ReactorTM into the chest cavity should I continue?

No, if you are having problems please stop using the ReactorTM, assess the situation and consider using another way to access the thoracic cavity such as the traditional open technique.

What is the largest chest tube that can be inserted through the outer sleeve of the ReactorTM?

A 36 French chest tube.

Do different size chest tubes slide differently through the outer sleeve of the ReactorTM?

Larger chest tubes such as a 34 or 36, will feel more “snug” going through the outer sleeve of the ReactorTM than a smaller chest tube such as a 28 as the outer sleeve is a fixed diameter.

Is the ReactorTM FDA approved?

The ReactorTM was cleared for marketing by the FDA in 2015.

How many times can a ReactorTM be used?

The ReactorTM is intended for single use only. It is not to be re-sterilized by any means and no testing has been performed to assure re-sterilization would be effective.

Can I speak with a surgeon who has used the device or a company representative that can visit my area?

A Sharp Medical Products, LLC representative will be will gladly assist you with your request. Please contact us via email: customerservice@sharpmedicalproducts.com or by phone: (630) 232-8002.

How can I learn how to use the ReactorTM?

Please access our online educational video for more information about the use of the ReactorTM.  Also, please review our disclaimer regarding the ReactorTM.

What is the benefit from the oval shaft?

The oval shaft of the ReactorTM is designed to fit between the ribs easier than a round ridged shaft would. It is important to align the longer axis of the oval in parallel with the ribs for this benefit to take place. Once the ReactorTM inner device is removed a round chest tube can be inserted down the outer sheath and will naturally slightly deform to an oval shape as it sits between the ribs.

Where can I find the instructions for Use for the ReactorTM?

Sharp Medical Products, LLC has created an instructions for use PDF to insure information on proper usage is available.

How can I get more information about the ReactorTM not found on the website?

Contact Sharp Medical Products, LLC with any questions or comments at customerservice@sharpmedicalproducts.com or phone: (630) 232-8002.

How does my hospital or medical facility order the ReactorTM?

To order the ReactorTM please contact us at sales@sharpmedicalproducts.com or phone: (630) 232-8002. For additional information please click here.

Can the ReactorTM be used by the military?

The ReactorTM should be very useful for both military (including DOD and Federal Government) and civilian medical providers.

Can pre-hospital providers use the ReactorTM?

The ReactorTM can have a role for any pre-hospital provider (such as a flight team) in which chest tubes are, or may be, inserted. Typically approval and training for this would come from the assigned Medical Director for the pre-hospital providers.