Reactor® Surgical Videos

As of 31 January 2021, Reactor® Generation 1 is no longer in production.

The Reactor® Chest Tube Device Demonstrated in a Hyper-Realistic Training Scenario

The video demonstration of a gunshot trauma resuscitation was performed at Strategic Operations in a high fidelity anatomic model which uses a human to provide verbal feedback and possibly the most realistic synthetic tissue to simulate the human body. This video illustrates the usage of both a very life-like mannequin with a state-of-the-art minimally invasive chest tube insertion device, The Reactor®.

Cadaver lab 1 video

In this cadaver lab video creating a skin incision was good, but for a bit more control of the entrance into the chest suggest that one hand stabilizing on the chest wall as well as the shaft of the Reactor and the other hand on the handle may give you a bit more control.

Cadaver lab 2 video

In this cadaver lab video after insertion notice the operator stopped firing the Reactor and then moved the device from perpendicular to the ribs to almost flat against the chest wall to allow the tip to be directed towards the apex.