The following research has been performed on the ReactorTM:

1. (2002 Survey)A third-party survey conducted of 23 emergency room physicians and cardiologists regarding our early prototype and concept of how the Reactor™ could improve open chest tube insertion.
2. (SAEM Presentation) – Researchers at the University of Connecticut compared the traditional open chest tube insertion vs the Reactor™ in a IRB approved rib model and found that the Reactor was faster, easier and done with a smaller incision.
3. (The American Journal of Surgery) – Researchers at Madigan Army Medical Center published a revolutionary look at the traditional method for treating tension pneumothorax (needle decompression) showing the Reactor™ to be significantly superior in time to resolution and final pressure. 

Research Ideas

Presently researchers are evaluating human, cadaver, mannequin and animal studies on the ReactorTM.  Sharp Medical Products, LLC welcomes research on the ReactorTM. If you have ideas for a research project that you would like to discuss please contact us at Sharp Medical Products, LLC can on occasion provide support of varying degrees depending on the project and need.