T3 – Tube Thoracostomy Trainer

Sharp Medical Products is excited to introduce a practical solution to expensive medical training devices. The T3, Tube Thoracostomy Trainer, is a cost-effective chest wall simulator for instruction and practice of inserting chest tubes. Its compact design makes for easy setup, cleaning, and storage, unlike costly mannequins.  The T3 can be used to practice the open procedure or minimally invasive insertions.       

The T3 has been used for demonstrations at medical conferences and several educational institutions have tested its functionality with great response.

For more information or to place an order, email customerservice@sharpmedicalproducts.com or call 630-232-8002.

T3 Tube Thoracostomy Trainer Product # 100-40-00
T3 Artificial Skin Inserts (10 pieces per pack) Product # 100-40-01
T3 Replacement Knobs (4 small, 4 large per pack) Product # 100-40-02 (item not pictured)

T3 Demo (brief)

T3 Demo (extended version)