Dr. Chris Salvino – Havasu Regional Medical Center

Dr Salvino (trauma surgeon), discusses his experience with the Reactor®.

Dr. Samuel Galvagno

"Very small incision, intuitive design, phenomenal ease of use."

Dr. Samuel Galvagno R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma

Dr. Doug Schmitz

"Was virtually painless for the patient."

Dr. Doug Schmitz Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

Dr. Michael Todd

"I was able to advance The Reactor® through a 12 mm incision in approximately 45 seconds in a safe, intuitive, and expeditious manner.  A 32 French chest tube was chosen… it occurred to me that establishment of the tract was nearly as quick as classic needle decompression.  Had tension been present, it would have been instantly resolved, due to the relatively large, persistent diameter of the chest tube guide."

Dr. Michael Todd Havasu Regional Medical Center

Dr. Chris Salvino

"The Reactor® is different from the open technique because it does not require a hemostat to rip open the muscle and doesn't require a lot of dissection ... it's quicker, there is a smaller incision, and there is almost the "ah-ha" factor as to why this wasn't available decades ago?"

Dr. Chris Salvino Havasu Regional Medical Center

Dr. John Zelahy

I used the Reactor® in a traumatic arrest, [it] performed flawlessly. It allowed me to very quickly, with minimal effort, place bilateral chest tubes...I plan to use this device when inserting all chest tubes.

Dr. John Zelahy Naples Community Health